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VMI Systems

With the TwinBin® system, Fastener Dimensions makes it simple to efficiently replenish your stock

Our system tells you when to refill items BEFORE you run out meaning you can refill stocks Just In Time. It also allows you to monitor how fast a part is needing replenishing. We provide and install a variety of unique and innovative storage and dispensing solutions.

FDI will perform an assesment of the areas where Assembly Operations are performed. We will evaluate your existing method of storage and your levels of existing inventory to determine your actual VMI needs.

These are just some of the benefits:

  • Reduces stock outs
  • First-In-First-Out (FIFO) stock rotation
  • Provides traceability of parts
  • Reduces stock held
  • Fully modular – Easy to change Adapt to changes in workflow
  • Quick and easy to install

The TwinBin system stores reserve stock above active stock.Once the active stock has been depleted, pulling the slider releases the reserve batch. The upper chamber is now ready for new stock.

Bins are configurable to your specific storage and retrieval needs

In many cases you may need to store much higher volume, fragile or heavy parts. The TripFlag system was designed to easily manage your stock visually.

The Flag device allows you to easily see which TwinBins need refilling. Pull the slider and the Flag will pop up red making it easy to see which parts need to be re-ordered. Set the flag to yellow after scanning the bin to indicate that the 3rd batch is on the way.


  • Enables RFID capability (optional)
  • Visual KanBan system
  • Available with your logo

The Locking Bar prohibits access to the top bin on the shop floor, meaning pulling the slider is the most user friendly action to obtain the product, ensuring the system works efficiently.


  • Enforces First-In-First-Out
  • Reduces cross contamination
  • Available in different colors