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Rosan® Adapters

FDI is a distributor of the Rosan® fluid fitting line for over 25 years. We now offer equivalent products as well. These products can usually be offered at a reduced cost compared to the Alcoa product group. They have already been approved by most Aircraft OEM’s.

RF9805-(XX)-(XX) RF9500-(XX)
RF50-(XX)-13 RF9806-(XX)-(XX) RFKA99-(XX)-(XX)-13
RF5000-(XX)-13 RF9808-(XX)-(XX) RZA12357-(XX)EO357
RF50-(XX)-(XX)-(XX) RF9810-(XX)-(XX) RZA12428-13
RF5005-(XX)-(XX) RF9812-(XX)-(XX) RZA12427-13
RF5006-(XX)-(XX) RF9814-(XX)-(XX) RZA12132-13
RF5010-(XX)-(XX) RF9816-(XX)-(XX) RZA12131-13
RF5012-(XX)-(XX) RF9820-(XX)-(XX)
RF5016-(XX)-(XX) RF9824-(XX)-(XX)
RF5020-(XX)-(XX) RFR95-(XX)-(XX)-504
RF5024-(XX)-(XX) RFS95-(XX)-504
RFK98-(XX)-13 RF-(XX)5000-(XX)
RFK99-(XX)-13 RFH7500-(XX)  
RF9804-(XX)-(XX) RF7500-(XX)