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Vibration Isolator Mounts


SL8143 SL2337-08 SL60.005
SL8145-3 SL2337-3 SL8011
SL2048 SL2509 SL8111-3
SL2049-1 SL2750 SL8117
SL2049-1SPS SL2751-3S SL8130-1
SL2049-2 SL2752-3 SL8130-2
SL2054-1 SL2808-3 SL8130-2SP3
SL2054-2 SL2808C3SP2 SL8142

Miscellaneous Fasteners

Isolator mounts are designed to reduce vibration, noise and heat transfer to the interior of aircraft. These neoprene or silicone rubber and metal fasteners are typically installed between the exterior fuselage and interior aircraft passenger walls. Types include nuts with thread lock or quick-release receptacle when frequent removal is required.

Blind Inserts are installed from one side and are typically used in sheet metal applications where high-torque is required. Types include flush or plus flush heads, locking or nonlocking, carbon or stainless steel.

Special inserts have been designed for a variety of applications in sheet metal, wood, or sandwich structure. An insert may have been already designed that will fit your special requirement. 

Miscellaneous Fasteners Technical Sales Bulletins 

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Part Number TSB Title TSB #
SL850 and SL854 Installation Procedure for SL850 and SL854 Pull-Up Type Inserts TSB008